Undoubtedly, ECU remapping or engine control unit remapping is the best option to enhance the declining performance of any car, but, still, there are lots of motorists who hesitate in getting it done on their car. They are either concerned about the mechanical defects of ECU remapping which could affect the performance exhaust of their car. Apart from this, there are some countries where boosting the power generation efficiency of the vehicle beyond the standard driving conditions is regarded as an illegal act. Similarly, there are lots of motorists who think that remapping might impact the warranty of their vehicle.

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Well, all the above excuses are just their personal thoughts and they have nothing to do with the process of remapping the engine control unit. Because, there are lots of car owners across the world, who despite buying a new car are not satisfied from its endorsed performance and want to extract it according to the original efficiency of the engine configured installed in it. Let us for instance talk about the cars manufactured by the British luxurious sports car maker Aston Martin. You will agree that these cars are the best illustration of power, performance, and style offered in a single unit. It would not be wrong to say, that driving these cars is not possible for all the car enthusiasts, and therefore, as they have a specific segment of buyers, these cars developed keeping the expectations of its buyers in concern.

But, interestingly, still there are most of the Aston Martin, buyers who are keen to bring out more from their newly bought car by the maker, but, again, as extracting the power, violates the driving law in their particular country, they can enhance the performance of their vehicle by minor mechanical changes. You will agree, that an effective and high performing exhaust system, plays an important role in boosting the performance of an engine and interestingly, upgrading the Aston Martin Exhaust system is not an exception to it.


An appreciating feature of upgrading the exhaust system is that it indirectly helps in enhancing the power generation efficiency of the vehicle, improves the sound and helps in minimizing the curb weight of your car. Thus, helping your luxurious car to touch the mark of 100 kmph in the span of less than three seconds. So, now, whether you own an Aston Martin DB7, Vantage, V12, V8, DB9 or any of the classic cars, you can install the aftermarket exhaust system to boost its performance, without violating the driving conditions prevailing in the international car market.

It would be interesting to know that outsourcing the exhaust system is a cost-effective modification that could dramatically enhance the existing performance of your car. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here, more importantly, is that the process of remapping the engine control unit is a vast term and should not be restricted only to remapping the settings of the engine control unit. It also includes the cosmetic updates, which are helpful in improving the power generation and fuel delivery efficiency of even phased out cars.


You will agree that the Defender SUV from one British auto giant does not require any introduction to introduce itself among passionate car lovers. But again, as buying these cars is not possible for most of the people, they are keen to buy any of their used units. Because this facilitates them to enjoy the drive of their dream vehicle by restoration. Interestingly, there are various renowned Land Rover defender specialists who offer the facility of offering cosmetic updates on your vehicle to make it look like its refreshed version.

The cosmetic updates introduced by them are offered on both the exterior and interior front, followed by the mechanical updates including remapping the engine control unit, upgrading the exhaust system, air-intake system, ignition system, braking system, clutch system, suspension system and many more.


Finally, it can be said that remapping of the vehicle do not involve around engine control unit, but, also includes upgrading various components with their after-market versions.

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